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"Life Together" seems like an enigma in today's non-stop culture, yet it is our church's motto. It is so easy to get distracted by life's demands that we ignore our need to be connected to other people and our God. The goal of Lifehouse Foursquare is to create deep, meaningful relationships with the Lord and with one another that will carry us beyond the walls of our meeting place.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or have been a part of the Lifehouse family for quite some time,  you will encounter friendly people, a time of worship through song and studying the Word, and, best of all, opportunities to seek God individually and corporately. 

Church and "Life Together" goes far beyond a typical Sunday morning gathering - we believe the other six days of the week are equally important.  With that in mind, we are deeply committed to creating "Life Together" opportunities each week to remain connected to each other and to the Lord and to promote spiritual and relational growth.  Whether we join together to reach out to our neighborhood kids, meet others at a coffee shop to study the Bible, or go to someone's house for food, prayer, and community, there are daily opportunities for each of us to go further in these meaningful relationships we intentionally develop.


We encourage you to visit Lifehouse, meet our fantastic community, and join us as we do "Life Together" Sunday through Monday. Deep meaningful relationships are just a Sunday away!

Our story

In 2004, a group of professors and administrators at Life Pacific College dreamed of reaching our community and providing an opportunity for students to exercise the ministry skills they were learning in class. On Easter 2005, Sunday Morning Chapel was launched.

Sunday Morning Chapel officially became Lifehouse Foursquare Church in October 2007. Since then, this congregation has been discipling people and reaching out to our community and our world, while continuing to embrace the heart of developing and sending emerging leaders for kingdom assignments.

Scott and Linna Martz stepped into the role of Lead Pastors at Lifehouse in 2012. Their unique combination of ministry and community experience, relational connections, education, passion for discipling others, and mission to put God first in every aspect of their lives, have shaped them to take on this role and successfully lead the Lifehouse Family into deeper relationships with the Lord and their community. In addition to primarily serving at their local church, Scott and Linna are also involved with many community activities that provide them the opportunity to be a light to the world and draw others closer to Jesus.